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Jewelry Design Process


I start my process with rough sketches. When turning an idea over in my head I think in three dimensions. Sketches help me visualize the predetermined forms and initial volume of the object. Then I use a computer aided design program to generate virtual three-dimensional structures plane by plane. When I finish modeling the virtual form, I use a command tool inside the CAD program to unfold each plane onto a flat surface to generate two dimensional layouts. These layouts become a blueprint for my actual works.

David Choi's Faceted Bridge CuffWhen the work is ready to be physically assembled, I attach the printed layouts onto a flat sheet of metal and start cutting, folding, and fabricating to construct three dimensional forms. The process is very similar to sculpted origami -- the Japanese art of forming sculptures out of paper.

The final form describes the transition from two dimensions to three dimensions. There is a certain beauty lent to forms constructed this specific way. Surfaces are dissected to create visual pleasure in a variety of angles. When the light hits the surface, it reveals a rich depth of form. The final result has the look of something between abstract sculpture and the mineral world.


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