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Susan Crow

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Susan Crow 

The opportunity to work with materials as precious as gold, diamonds and gemstones [gives] me a deep respect for our natural world and its people 

After graduating from college with a degree in design, Susan Crow worked as a metalsmith and later became a product designer in the consumer home industry. In 2008, she entered the Sustainable Design program at the Minneapolis College of Arts and Design and learned sustainable principles that helped her launch East Fourth Street Jewelry two years later. East Fourth Street is a culmination of Susan’s deep connection to design and core belief that we need to preserve and restore our environment.

Susan grew up in Minnesota with an abiding interest in Scandinavian design and culture. The minimalist, clean lines of Danish design and the textures and shapes of nature continue to influence her lifestyle and work. Susan's socially responsible collection is handmade from Fairmined or recycled precious metals and environmentally and ethically sourced gemstones in a low-impact, environmentally conscious Minnesota studio.

It’s vital to Susan to live as ethically as possible and to donate to projects and organizations that speak of solidarity and global support for those working in the jewelry supply chain. Projects that end the use of mercury which poisons miners and their families and organizations that build schools, insist on gender equality and create positive change for those in the supply chain are of critical importance to her.

Recognized as a leader in integrating sustainability into her design process, Susan is a member of Ethical Fashion Forum, The Fellowship 500 and Ethical Metalsmiths. She is also licensed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining to make jewelry from FAIRMINED gold and silver. In 2019, Susan won the MJSA Vision Award for Responsible Sourcing. Her jewelry speaks for itself.

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