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Custom Order Jewelry

Creating something unique is very exciting! Maybe you know what you want. Maybe you just think you do. Either way you are frustrated, but you aren't ready to give up. Whether you want to personalize an existing item or custom order something entirely new, let our design team help you realize your dream. Its easy! If you don't believe us, listen to what Patricia of Saddle River, NJ has to say.


"I was extremely fortunate to have the chance to work with you. I have never had such stellar customer service. You answered all of my questions very promptly, thoroughly and professionally. I felt very comfortable ordering a custom-made ring from your company even though I had never seen it, nor had the chance to try it on. That was a first for me! 


You and the artist realized that in the size I requested, the stones needed to be a bit larger. I so appreciate the fact that was recognized and done. I am sure that made a major difference in the overall look of the ring and my satisfaction with it. 


I can't truly express how impressed and thankful I am with your expertise and personal efforts to make sure all went extremely well. We will definitely work together in the future.


My sincere thanks."

So what are you waiting for?

Entry Image for Personalized Jewelry at Artners Gallery


Entry Image for Custom Order Work at Artners Gallery

Custom Order