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 Anit Dodhia's Biography

 The changeable moods of the Indian Ocean provide the influence for Anit's unique designs 

Anit Dodhia grew up in a culturally rich Indian community in Mombasa, a coastal town in Kenya. At an early age, Anit spent time at the family’s jewelry gallery where he discovered his interest in gems, a passion that propelled his career for the past twenty years. Now based in San Diego and a GIA Graduate Gemologist, Anit develops his skills as a jewelry designer in his new venture, Kaali Designs. His handmade jewelry carries forth the perfect fusion of art and family tradition. He lives with his wife, Rebecca, and their two young children, Mia and Rien, who inspire his work.

Kaali Designs is named in honor of the Hindu Goddess Kali, a fierce and powerful warrior who is a manifestation of the Divine Mother. From its calm reflective waters to its tempestuous dark surges, the changeable moods of the Indian Ocean possesses strength, beauty, and untapped potential — a compelling force for Anit’s creativity. His three unique collections show how he transforms fine metals and gems into wearable art —each piece a delight for those who appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and refined style.


Anit’s collections are known as Kali, Maya, and Caramia. The Goddess Kali represents nature, seduction and destruction of evil, bringing forth enlightenment and liberation. The Kali Collection embodies the characteristics of Kali with fiery diamonds, organic textures and assertive styles. Maya, the Goddess of illusion and creativity, has a strong connection with the sun and is believed to light up our ideas. The versatile Maya Collection explores the creative process and features lustrous gems and artistic finishes. Anit’s new Caramia Collection, which is named for his daughter Mia, exhibits a youthful playfulness with a hint of bold confidence.


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