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Nancy Linkin

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Nancy Linkin Biography

1955- 2019

"The essential quality of my work is harmony of form. I want my jewelry to soothe -- to be elegant, casual, and comfortable -– like fine silk and soft blue jeans."

Jewelry artist Nancy Linkin's passion for metalsmithing began in her twenties when she was captivated by the age old process of forming metal directly with hammers. Her exploration of the traditional smithing techniques, raising holloware and forging, started with traditional vessel forms. Soon she began to push the envelope both technically and visually, leaving the rotation form and functional form behind. Asymmetrical tabletop sculptures and wall pieces were a natural progression for her nature-based aesthetic.

Sculptural art jewelry, taking the sculpture off the pedestal and putting it on the body, was the next step. Nancy’s success with one-of-a kind sculptural bracelets in the mid 1980’s encouraged her to add earrings, neckpieces, and pins to her collection. She soon opened her own studio in coastal Maine and founded Nancy Linkin Fine Jewelry & Sculpture, which she owned and operated for over 30 years. During that time her line grew to over 80 jewelry designs, each made in a variety of sizes, available in a combination of sterling silver and 18 Karat gold. More recently Nancy made her unique jewelry available in bronze with a rich heat patina, reminiscent of her bronze sculptures.

To create her handmade designer jewelry, flat patterns are cut from sheets of gold and silver and hammered systematically over specialized tools. Once a piece has been hammered into its final form, it is filed and sanded, then buffed to a high polish. This fine finish accentuates the simple sculptural lines of her contemporary jewelry.

In June 2019, Nancy passed away after a long fight with breast cancer. As was Nancy's wish, her longtime friend and employee Luke Sunde has continued to produce her designs so that others can be inspired by the the natural forms and fluid grace found in her sculptural jewelry.

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