Circle of Light Small Earrings, Fine Art Jewelry by CORNELIA GOLDSMITH

Circle of Light Small Earrings

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Circle of Light Small Earrings

Circle of Light Small Earrings, 18K White Gold, 22K Yellow Gold Granulation, Diamonds 0.23ct (VS/F). Backs are in 14K White Gold.

Cornelia's fine art jewelry ultimately showcases an appreciation for exacting craftsmanship and fine detail, while at the same time expressing a unique vision of the natural world. Today, her modern jewelry designs masterfully incorporate a variety of labor intense methods and techniques. A uniquely adapted use of ancient granulation techniques lends Cornelia Goldsmith’s contemporary designer jewelry the signature look for which it has become known. Her unique Circle of Light earrings are a fine example of her award-winning work. She often returns to the design in different sizes and variations.