Harmony Pendant from K.Mita, Fine Art Jewelry | 18 Karat Yellow Gold | Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain

Harmony Necklace

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Keiko Mita was born on Rebun Island off the northernmost tip of Japan. The often stormy and isolated island, which is noted for its rich flora and beautiful scenery, is a powerful influence on her work. Her contemporary Harmony Pendant is handmade from two interlocking 18 Karat Yellow Gold open pebbles and a Sterling Silver or Oxidized Sterling Silver chain to create a perfect sense of harmony. The pendant is 21 mm wide and 15 mm high and the chain is 16" long with a 2" extension. The modern necklace from her Sand Dune Collection features the artist's signature Dune texture. The Sand Dune Collection depicts the point in time just before the forces of nature change the sandy landscapes of deserts or beaches forever.