Contemporary Earrings from Morgan Amirani | Fine Art Jewelry | Oxidized Sterling Silver and 24 Karat Gold Infused Murano Glass | 18 Karat Gold beads

Rod Earrings

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Make a statement with these exquisite Rod Earrings. Hand crafted from beautifully Oxidized Sterling Silver and adorned with 24 Karat Gold Infused Murano Glass and 18 Karat Gold beads, these contemporary earrings are sure to turn heads. The Sterling Silver Lever Backs ensure they stay securely in place, while the different options enable you to choose the perfect pair to match your unique style. Don't settle for ordinary earrings! Elevate your look with these stunning drop earrings that you will want to wear again and again. The modern earrings are 2.25” long with a 1.5” drop. Choose from one bead up and one bead down, both beads up, and both beads down.