Summer Drop Earrings from Aleksandra Vali | Sterling Silver and 24 Karat Gold Vermeil

Summer Drop Earrings

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For Aleksandra Vali, metal provides the opportunity to create unusual and creative pieces that show her individual approach, level of skill, and flare for design. Her contemporary Summer Drop Earrings, which are 1.0” x 0.5” x 0.5”, are handmade from Sterling Silver and accented with 22 Karat Gold Vermeil. Vermeil is a French word describing sterling silver that is electroplated with a thick plating of 22 Karat gold. This is a chemical process that uses an electrical current to bind the two precious metals together. The Vermeil gold plating contains 3 microns thick of 22 Karat gold. These modern coral-textured earrings from Aleksandra's new Transparent Aftertaste of Summer Collection are perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion. Technique: carving, casing, and plating. Also available in Oxidized Sterling Silver.