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Huan Wang

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Huan Wang Biography

Huan believes she is a living example of the American dream

Growing up in China, Huan Wang’s childhood was beset by uniformity due to the lack of freedom of expression and scarceness of an art education.From the time she was a little girl she loved dance, but there were no dance classes available to nurture her affection. In her one memory of an art class at the age of nine she was taught how to draw tanks. Only calligraphy, which allowed her to learn about proportion, balance, movement and rhythm, exposed her to the creative process.

Huan dropped out of business school and moved to the U.S. to study Fashion Design at the Parson’s School of Design. After four years of training her demand for quality and authenticity, which governs everything she does to this day, was awakened. Graduating at the top of her class, she won the Golden Thimble award which set the tone for her edgy and contemporary style.  

After being exposed to art and freedom of expression, Huan set foot on the streets of New York City to sell her drawings and paintings, eventually opening an evening and bridal boutique in Soho. Along the way, she married, bought a small home in Queens, and had her first daughter, Lyrie.

After the birth of her second daughter, Olivia, Huan fell in love with jewelry making. She began with a wire wrapping set she purchased on eBay, but her demand for quality and high standards inevitably led her to create fine jewelry. The beauty of the dancer’s graceful lines and flowing movements became a source of endless inspiration for her elegant designs. As her love affair with making jewelry blossomed, JeweLyrie was born.

Life has taken Huan through many detours and to different places with pauses and bumps along the way, but everything she has experienced has made her more passionate, more creative, and more determined than ever to create edgy and contemporary jewelry. No matter what she does her free spirit is reflected in the jewelry she creates. The dancing metal textures, flowing lines, and unique play of light all take center stage as she breathes in freedom and breathes out expressions of beauty. Huan believes she is a living example of the American dream and that we are all born to be free and beautiful. 


JeweLyrie Brand Statement 

Dedicated to making women feel beautiful with handcrafted heirloom quality fine jewelry, Huan Wang, the artist behind JeweLyrie, combines her love of gemstones and metalsmithing with her formal training in fashion design to create eclectic and original collections infused with a sense of movement and grace. Passionate about ballet, Huan’s signature detail, the pirouette twist, embodies the strength and gracefulness of all women. A portion of JeweLyrie's profits are donated to MOVE (NYC), a non-profit organization with a mission to identify exceptionally talented teenagers and to provide them with a world-class dance education and mentorship. 


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