Oval Flourishing Earrings from Liaung Chung Yen | Sterling Silver with floral buds handmade from 22 Karat Gold Bimetal and 18 Karat Gold beaded wire | pierced

Oval Flourishing Earrings

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Liaung Chung Yen’s artistic aesthetic is influenced by both Chinese culture and art. His contemporary Oval Flourishing Earrings are handmade from white finished Sterling Silver and flourishing bud-like elements created from two domed circles of 22 Karat Gold Bimetal soldered together. The bud-like elements, which are loosely connected to the surface with 18 Karat Gold beaded wire, gently move with the wearer. The artistic earrings are 1.75” x 1.44” x 0.19” and have a unique pierced pattern.